Here's a few answers to some common questions.


What brands do you print on?
 We are very picky about the way our designs look on the clothing we source. Quality is always our first priority, but we do change between American Apparel, Me to We Style, Bella + Canvas, or Jerico based on what colour, style or fabric best suits the design.

How do I know what size shirt to order?
 Each product refers to the garment it’s printed on, refer to the manufacturers sizing details.

How should I care for my shirts? Will they shrink?
 Although we choose manufacturers that claim to be preshrunk, we recommend you wash your shirts inside out and hang/air dry to prevent any possible shrinking and to help preserve the print/design.

What type of printing process is used on your apparel? 
All of our clothing are screenprinted with water-based inks which leaves an extremely soft print.

Do you print your own shirts? Yes, everything is printed in the Done Studio. This gives us the flexibility to experiment with fabrics, designs & colours, but limits the volume we can produce.

Will you notify me when you release a new design or restock a current design? 
Of course. The best way to get up-to-date information is to follow us ontwitter or facebook. We regularly post updates about our products as well as occasional sales and specials.

Do you do custom design or website work? Not as Done Creative. If you like our designs/style and are interested in hiring a professional designer you can contact our founder, Ian Adams, for any design or illustration inquiries.

Do you accept designs from third parties?
 No, sorry. Done Creative is a personal passion project and all designs and prints are created solely by our founder.


How long does it take for shirts to arrive?
 We’re a small operation and print in small batches. Please allow 2 weeks for shipping within Canada and 4-6 weeks within the USA.

What shipping method do you use?
 Standard shipping for orders in Canada are shipped via Canada Post.

How much does shipping cost? It depends on your country and the size of your order. The easiest way to determine your shipping cost is to add the items to your cart, select your country, and press the “update total” button.
 *Please note: Orders shipped outside of the U.S. are subject to regular customs duties and fees levied by the destination country.

Do you ship internationally? 
We ship within North America but unfortunately do not ship overseas at this time.
 *Please note: Orders shipped outside Canada are subject to regular customs duties and fees levied by the destination country.